Turnkey Rental Properties

Our Turnkey Rental Properties go far beyond the typical Turnkey Rental Property, which is nothing more than a rental property with a tenant already living in it. Our Turnkey Rental Properties have been purchased and remodeled by our company and have a tenant and property management in place. This enables our potential buyers to analyze the rental property to calculate a realistic cash-on-cash return projection before they purchase a property from us.

Our Turnkey Rental Property Benefits

No Remodel Headaches – We have already remodeled the property, and to ensure a property is remodeled to our fullest ability, we have the home inspected after the remodel is completed. If there are any deficiencies, we make the repairs and have the home re-inspected.

Instant Cash Flow – With a tenant in place, our Turnkey Rental Properties produce income from the first day a buyer takes possession of the property.

No Tenant Phone Calls –Tenants do not call our buyers in the middle of the night. Our truly turnkey and passive income Turnkey Rental Properties have property management in place to handle tenant phone calls and concerns.

Available Financing – On some properties, we are able to carry a small portion of the purchase price as a mortgage. The amount varies by property; however, the buyer will always provide the bulk of the funds to purchase a Turnkey Rental Property from us and conditions apply.

Relationship – Our relationship and interactions with our Turnkey Rental Property buyers last long beyond the closing. Aaron Silverman also owns the property management company, Bluewater Property Management LLC, who manages our Turnkey Rental Properties. That means it is in our vested interest to ensure our buyers are satisfied with their rental property and remodel the properties to our fullest capability.

We Own Rental Properties – To borrow an old saying, we put our money where our mouth is. Since we own rental properties and want them to be hassle free, we remodel our Turnkey Rental Properties to reduce long-term maintenance headaches and costs. Our goal is to sell a Turnkey Rental Property to another buyer, so that means the Turnkey Rental Properties we purchase through S&S Investments, LLC are the properties our buyers do not want. Even the Turnkey Rental Properties our potential buyers pass on are quality rental properties we proudly keep in our property portfolio.

Although our Turnkey Rental Properties cannot eliminate every real estate investing drawback, they do ease and minimize them.

Since our Turnkey Rental Properties have been remodeled, have a tenant and are managed by a property management company, our buyers have truly passive rental properties. We essentially handle all the heavy lifting aspects of operating and managing a real estate investing business.

Our Turnkey Rental Properties come with a tenant in the property, so they are producing income from Day 1, which means positive cash flow from Day 1.

Bluewater Property Management LLC believes in building relationships with tenants, which reduces vacancy and increases profits by managing that relationship resulting in tenants living in the property longer than properties of “ghost” landlords/property management companies. Because Bluewater Property Management LLC handles all aspects of managing tenant communications and concerns, our buyers do not receive tenant phone calls.

Although there will be maintenance costs from time to time, Bluewater Property Management LLC helps lower those maintenance costs by conducting preventative maintenance and semi-annual property inspections and repairing identified issues before they become expensive problems.

Although liability is always a concern in business, our Turnkey Rental Properties help reduce liability, because we handle the remodeling process involving the liability exposure of construction related work, eliminate property deficiencies when we remodel properties and use a properly licensed property management company that receives continual education and adheres to federal, state and local laws.

By inspecting properties after we remodel them, we ensure all notated deficiencies are repaired. We want tenants to be proud to turn the property into their home. We believe if a quality tenant moves into a quality home, the tenant will take care of the property as if it was his/her own. Also, when a tenant creates a home, the tenant is more likely to renew the lease each year, which reduces vacancy and improves yearly profit.